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Family Camping
The family camping area is located on the south-east side of crystal lake, near the Tesomas Base Camp.  Twelve sites are available for renting throughout the year.  Each site is equipped with a table, fire ring and electricity.  A shower is located in close proximity to the campsites. 

Tesomas Base Camp
Created in 2002, Tesomas Base Camp allows Units to camp between Deacon’s Crest Family Camping and Hanna Venture Base. Units receive the same quality program from Tesomas and a few special “perks” from Hanna Venture Base.

Staying at the Hanna Lake Campsite
If you are staying in the Hanna Venture Base Lake campsite, the check-in procedure is a little different.

• Please arrive for check-in at the HVB between 1:30-2:00 pm on Sunday.
• You will be given a tour of the HVB facilities and instructions on how to use them.
• Medical Checks and Swim Tests will be done at the Hanna Waterfront.
• Your campsite host will be a member of the Hanna Venture Base staff.
• With your host, you will go to Tesomas to receive Dining Hall instructions and a brief tour.

Facilities for the Hanna Lake Campsite
The Hanna Venture Base gives those staying in the Lake and Forest campsites some unique opportunities from those staying at the Tesomas campsites.

• Indoor bathrooms and showers (including the responsibility to clean regularly).
• Use of the indoor climbing wall if staff is available.
• Use of the Waterfront if your Unit is qualified in Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat.

Many of our facilities can be rented outside of the summer for Scouting and non-Scouting reasons, contact the Samoset Council office or check out if interested.









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